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Staking on Solana

Secure and decentralize Solana by staking your SOL with Chainflow, a high performing, secure, independent and actively engaged non-Custodial validator.

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Solana makes it straightforward for anyone with SOL to help secure and decentralize the network through staking. Check out the videos below to learn more about staking, and how to use popular tools to stake with validators like Chainflow.

How to Stake Solana Using the Phantom Wallet

How to Stake Solana Using a Keystone Hardware Wallet and Solflare

Saga staking

These videos are for educational purposes only. You stake at your own risk. If you wish to stake with Chainflow, please visit our website to review our terms and services at By the act of delegating your stake to us, you agree to our terms and services.

You can find other ways to delegate to us at and

Thousands of stakers trust Chainflow. If our values of inclusivity, equitability, fairness, and decentralization resonate with you, please consider staking with us to support our work across the Solana ecosystem.

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