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Chainflow x Solana

Chainflow runs a secure, high-performance Solana validator trusted by thousands of stakers. We've supported the network since before the public launch, and continue to invest in innovation across the ecosystem. Unlike many validator operators, we're fully self-funded, completely independent, and proudly values-driven.

Non-custodial Solana staking for a brighter future.

Chainflow operates non-custodial Solana staking infrastructure to support a more inclusive, equitabile, fair, and decentralized future. Here's what sets us apart from other validator operators:


We're here to build infrastructure for a decentralized future. Otherwise, what's the point?

Equal and Inclusive

To us, all delegators are the same. We don't cut backroom deals for larger stakeholders.


Chainflow's been operating validators since 2017 and supporting Solana since 2018.


We run the Jito MEV client and our validator is co-located with the Jito Tokyo servers.

High Performing

Our validator runs on a high performance server with an AMD Epyc 7543P processor, 516GB of RAM and 2x1.92TB NVME disks. It's connected via a 10GB uplink.


We've been active contributors since pre-mainnet and continue continue to be active contributors.

Stake with us.

Let's build a brighter future together.

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