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Solana Ecosystem Contributions

We support initatives across the Solana community to secure and decentralize the network.


Tour De Sol

We helped to design Tour De Sol, the original incentivized testnet event that helped build the foundation for Solana’s thriving validator ecosystem.

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Solana Validator Mission Control

With our friends at Vitwit, we’ve built Solana Validator Mission Control, an open-source toolkit to make alerting and monitoring easier for independent validator operators.

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RPC Nodes

We provide high-performance remote procedure call (RPC) nodes on a project-by-project basis to support community-oriented dApps on Solana.

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We provide capacity for Extrnode, the decentralized RPC gateway from our friends at Everstake.

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We maintain Nakaflow, an open-source Nakamoto Coefficient aggregator that has been cited in reports by the Solana Foundation and other researchers.

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Open-Source Wallets and Onboarding

We’re leading an initiative to support Solana’s next generation by researching open-source wallets and onboarding experiences.

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We support events across the Solana community. Most recently, we spoke about decentralization at Solana Breakpoint 2022, and sponsored the Decentralized Infra track at the inaugural Sandstorm hackathon in 2023.

Independent Validator Community Calls

We help to co-organize Solana’s monthly independent validator community calls.

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Validator Commons

We co-founded the Validator Commons, a movement to develop better standards for community governance in the future of the web.

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Staking Defense League

We co-founded the Staking Defense League, a coalition of independent validator operators working together to keep stake decentralized on the leading Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

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