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Our Validator

The machine itself.

Enterprise grade infrastructure for everyone.

Two of Chainflow’s most important core values are equality and inclusiveness. We believe secure high performance Solana staking infrastructure should be available for everyone, not only whales with big bags.

That’s why we run an enterprise grade Solana validator from the Teraswitch Tokyo datacenter. Our validator meets if not exceeds the recommended requirements. It performs as well, if not better, the validators run by centralized exchanges and large validator companies for their institutional clients.

Specs -

It’s also important to know that we treat ALL delegators equally, no matter how big or small their delegation. We DON’T cut back-room deals that favor large stakeholders, which are more prevalent in the space than you might otherwise assume.

We also run the Jito MEV client. Our validator is not only in the same Tokyo data center as a Jito server cluster, it’s actually co-located in the same rack as Jito. This democratizes access to in-protocol MEV rewards, which historically have only been available to whales who cut backroom deals with the larger validator operators.

Teraswitch, a trusted partner.

Teraswitch provides our primary Mainnet Beta Solana validator. We’ve worked with many different server providers through the years. In addition to being co-located with Jito, Teraswich has proven to be an experienced (they have deep experience with high frequency trading infastructure, for example), responsive and values-aligned partner.

Their dedication and commitment to providing redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure is unprecedented. They also provide massive DDoS protectdion capacity and don’t blackhole traffic, which has been an issue we and other validators have experienced with other server providers.

Backups, always necessary.

Our founder’s worked in mission critical data centers ranging from government defense and intelligence agencies to big financial institutions. As a result, we know the importance of contingency and back-up planning. While somewhat expensive for a smaller independent validator like us, we feel it’s important to maintain multiple backup systems that can be used in the event of an issue with our primary validator. To this end, we have a second geographically diverse server from Teraswitch, as well as a third geographically diverse server from a second trusted server provider on standby at all times.

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